Chief Stew Course

Chief Stewardess/Stewards Course Overview

This five-day program is aimed at individuals who have worked in senior positions onboard for at least two seasons who are looking to consolidate their knowledge base and potentially build valuable new skills to help them become more effective in their roles.

We start off the week by taking an in depth look at the Administration and Human Resource skills required to successfully run the Interior department. This provides a sound theoretical foundation as well as practical training in creating and using checklists, Standard operating procedures (SOPs), inventories, interior manuals for all Interior sub-departments (Service, Housekeeping & Laundry) as well as uniform inventories, ordering and purchasing.

We move on to look at the importance of communication, health and safety and develop key Human Resource skills such as how to manage the team and recruitment. We review the basics of accounting, budgeting and financial planning systems as well as an introduction into MLC, flag state regulations and crew contracts. We also look at how to organise and success fully manage Shipyard and Refit periods for the Interior.

In addition, we review the necessary skills required for both Event Management and Destination Management for high-end clients.

Course content:

  • Establishing vision, mission and goals
  • Create, implement and manage: inventories, checklists, departmental procedures, rosters, standard operating procedures
  • Interior guidelines for Service, Housekeeping and Laundry departments
  • How to manage the interior department and sub-departments
  • How to plan, implement and review professional Administration and Information Management systems including contacts, records, schedules and standards
  • Human Resources: recruitment, training & development, performance management, employee relations Health, Safety and Security: HACCP, food safety, Marpol, ISPS, PPE, risk assessment, accidents and near misses, safeguarding
  • Plan and implement Event production and Event Management
  • Plan, implement and manage Destination management and Itineraries Introduction to MLC, flag regulation and SEAs
  • How to implement and manage Financial Planning systems, accounts and budgeting
  • How to organise and manage Shipyard and Refit periods

Price: EUR 1600

To reserve your place on our next course or for more information, please contact or call the office:  +33 (0)4 93 61 16 10. 



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