5-Days Chief Stewardess Leadership Course Package

Leadership Package including:

  • 2 Days GUEST Foundation Leadership Course
  • 2 Days ITA Advanced Housekeeping, Laundry & Valet
  • 1-Day ITA Floristry & Plant Maintenance

Students will receive 1 GUEST Certificates + 2 ITA Certificates & ITA Chief Stewardess Leadership Grande Diplome

Package Price:  EUR 1800

5-Days Chief Stewardess Leadership Course Package includes: 

  • 2 Days Foundation Leadership Course – Unit 17

Foundation Leadership Unit 17, is designed as a personal development platform by offering support and signposting of good leadership styles, affiliated techniques of leadership and methods of communication so as to meet the occupational responsibilities of a Leadership role onboard (Superyachts).Some formal basic leadership training and / or previous on-board training & experience up to an Operational Level.

The IAMI GUEST Leadership Program is available to support any professional Head of Department who is leading teams or those in charge of other onboard personnel and have a responsibility within their appointed roles to understand the impact of leading individuals and their department teams. The GUEST Leadership Units are designed as progressive training targeted for ALL onboard “team leaders”.

The Foundation Leadership Unit focuses on managing the challenges when taking on a HoD position for the first time and will continue to face. Such as how to motivate individuals & teams, effectively communicate, apply resource management principals and manage conflict situations.

The Advanced Leadership Unit take these learnt skill to the next level while appreciating the impact a leader has within the ranks. The module includes the development of self motivation, empathy and approach-ability, as well as the dynamics of diplomacy, motivation and influencing individuals and teams and the mediation of potential conflicts.


For this Unit, some formal basic training & / or onboard experience (minimum 1 season) is required to be evidenced.


  • 2 Days ITA Advanced Housekeeping, Laundry & Valet

This two-day course provides in-depth knowledge of the advanced aspects of Housekeeping and organisation skills required for the maintenance and smooth running of the Guest Interior. There is a thorough review of Housekeeping basics, followed by more advanced theory on the care and maintenance of surfaces and fabrics. Focus is also given to anticipating guest needs, time management and the importance of attention to detail in the Housekeeping department.

It offers invaluable tips, guidelines and practical training on how to apply and manage efficient laundry services onboard. It includes a thorough overview and practical sessions on professional ironing of garments and linens while also looking at useful procedures and simple steps which can save time while still ensuring the highest standards in equipment, garment and linen care.

It also covers the key aspects of valet service while providing an insight into the importance of the relationship between the employer/guest and the valet. Focus is given to applying efficient valet services such as handling guest clothing and accessories, suitcase packing and wardrobe management. Ironing and pressing of guest clothing, shoe care, understanding the correct attire for occasions and how to tie a bowtie are just some of the topics covered in this hands-on course.

Course content:

    • Advanced Laundry Service
      • Professional laundry services on-board
      • Laundry labels & washing machine & dryer instructions.
      • Machine usage & maintenance planning
      • Treatment & care of various fabrics & fabric stain removal
      • Professional ironing & use of roller press
      • Health & safety practices
      • Advanced Housekeeping Services unit 08
      • Professional & efficient Housekeeping Services
      • Professional fabric & surfaces care, maintenance & cleaning
      • Correct cleaning techniques & correct use of chemicals & equipment
      • Cleaning & maintenance procedures & schedules
      • Detailing of guest & crew areas using procedures & schedules
      • Health, hygine & safety Practices
    • Advanced Valet Service
      • The guest & valet relationship & discretion & confidentiality.
      • Professional valet services & duties (butler, secretary & chauffeur)
      • Handling guests clothes & accessories
      • Suitcase packing techniques, luxury packing & delicate items
      • Professionally cleaning different styles & types of shoes
      • Professionally tie a bow tie & gentlemen’s tie ​


Minimum requirements: For this unit, some formal basic training & / or onboard experience (minimum 1 season) is required to be evidenced.


  • 1-Day ITA Floristry & Plant Maintenance


Our floristry course will give you an understanding and practical experience of the fundamentals of floristry and plant care, including the elements and principles of floral design, storing, conditioning and handling of flowers, how to source and order flowers as well as the ability to create stunning displays using the principles of colour schemes, placements and dimensions. In addition, the course will give you a great understanding of using different types of plants in arrangements and how to care for popular plants.

Course content:

      • Understand how to recognise and implement the Elements and Principals of floral design:
        • Identify the elements of floral design
        • Identify the principles of floral design
        • Identify the use of colour and colour relationships
        • Understand the effects of the colour in arrangements
      • Understand how to store and handle fresh flowers and pot plants
        • Storage onboard
        • Techniques and methods for cutting and Binding
        • Understand how to correctly care for stems
        • Ability to present the flowers or pot plants effectively
        • Maintenance
      • Understand how to place an order for flowers
        • Be familiar with the colour schemes, placements, dimensions and number of displays
          required for your yacht.
        • Assessing quality and condition
        • Know what the yacht’s flower budget is
      • Understand how to prepare a vase and foam arrangement including:
        • Conditions
        • Cutting at angles
        • Removal of leaves below the water line
        • Wiring
        • Practical experience in producing arrangements
      • Demonstrate knowledge, Care and Maintenance of plants
        • Major ‘indoor-plant’ Including Bonsai and Orchids
      • Research and understand the principles of using foam including:
        • Not being unable to re-soak after it has dried out
        • Not to put new stems in an existing hole
        • How to soak foam

Prerequisites: No previous experience is required to be evidenced.

Students will receive 1 GUEST Certificates + 2 ITA Certificates & ITA Chief Stewardess Leadership Grande Diplome