2-Day GUEST Yacht Interior Administrations

This course is for those who have already gained onboard experience, or have come from a hospitality & service landbased background, and want to progress within a professional interior department onboard.

A unique opportunity to upskill on experience already gained, these wide-ranging GUEST Advanced Units provide the fundamental training required for advancing to a more senior role on board.

Eligibility for attending the individual Advanced courses requires candidates to evidence onboard or shorebased prior learning & experience. The Training Providers are required to check candidates suitability for attending the training, which is completed on a case by case basis. It is advised that candidates present a current CV, with references of previous experience & employment & any qualifications or certificates held.

It is recommended to start with the Yacht Interior Administrations (Unit 34), before embarking on the additional Advanced training, as this unit provides the underpinning administration knowledge required and relevant to the technical training.

Price: TBC


  • Yacht Interior Administrations
    Unit 34
    • The transition from Junior to Senior Roles
    • Health, Safety & Security Interior Administrations
    • Interior Administrations & departmental SOPs
    • Professional Interior Administrations & Standards
    • Referral Agencies & Training Providers.
    • Ethical Code of Conduct: (Yacht Standing Orders).
    • Interior & Sub-Department Administrations
    • Interior Departmental Standing Operating Procedures
    • Interior Sub-departmental Guidelines Books
    • Interior Information Systems, Checklists, Inventories & Documents
    • Interior Guest Preference Sheets
    • Process for placing & receiving orders & managing feedback
    • Process for safe working practices & quality control of goods
    • Personal professional development & the GUEST Training Record Book
    • Maintaining wellbeing for self & others
    • Monitor personal vision, mission & goals
    • Etiquette, Communication & Problem Solving