2-Day GUEST Advanced Valet

Course Description:
This two-day course covers the key aspects of valet service while providing an insight into the importance of the relationship between the employer/guest and the valet. Focus is given to applying efficient valet services such as handling guest clothing and accessories, suitcase packing and wardrobe management. Ironing and pressing of guest clothing, shoe care, understanding the correct attire for occasions and how to tie a bowtie are just some of the topics covered in this hands-on course.

  • Dealing with guest clothing and accessories
  • Wardrobe management and organisation
  • Packing and unpacking techniques, including luxury packing
  • Cleaning and care of a range of different types and styles of shoes
  • Ironing, pressing and starching a range of different items of guest clothing
  • How to professionally tie a bowtie and gentleman’s tie
  • Understanding attire for various occasions

Minimum requirements: Candidates must have completed the Advanced Laundry module and have some formal basic training and / or previous on-board training and experience-minimum of 1 season.


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