1 Day IAMI GUEST Yacht Interior Administrations – Unit 34

Unit 34

Unit 34 forms part of the full IAMI GUEST Advanced Program and designed to meet the occupational duties to qualify for the onboard Senior Steward/ess role. (Superyachts).

By following the IAMI GUEST Yacht Administration Program, students will gain an opportunity to confidently assist and work with some of the onboard administration.

The IAMI GUEST Yacht Administrations Program is available to those who have some responsibility with the onboard yacht accounting & administrations that support other onboard roles, such as Captain, Chief Officer or Purser. It is specifically tailored to ensure students gain skills and knowledge required to support some of the Administration duties within the onboard operations.

As yacht administration tasks have significantly increased over the last few decades and with most of the Heads of Department being responsible for some or all of elements of the onboard Administrations, from Accounting to Event Planning, the GUEST Administration Program covers it all.


Course description:

  • The records & certification for MLC compliances, held for all crew members
  • Food Safety (HACCP) management system
  • Risk Assessments for the interior department
  • The referral Agencies & Training Providers, where training provision is commensurate with crew responsibilities. The
  • Ethical Code of Conduct: (Yacht Standing Orders).
  • How to apply professional Interior Administration onboard (inc Sub-departments)
  • The purpose & usage of Interior Department Standing Operating Procedures
  • The purpose & usage of Interior Sub-department Guidelines Books
  • The purpose & usage of Interior Information Systems, Checklists, Inventories & Documents
  • The purpose & usage of Interior Guest Preference Sheets
  • How to communicate placing & receiving an order & manage feedback
  • How to receive goods, following safe working practices & quality control of goods
  • Training development opportunities for self & the GUEST Training Record Book
  • The importance of maintaining wellbeing for self & others
  • How to monitor personal vision, mission & goals
  • The importance of self-awareness & interpersonal communication & conflict resolution


For this Unit, some formal basic training & / or onboard experience (minimum 1 season) is required to be evidenced. It is recommended that Unit 34 be completed prior to Advanced Units 05, 07, 08 & 09.

Price: EUR 400


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