1-Day GUEST Advanced Housekeeping

Course Description:
This one-day course provides in-depth knowledge of the advanced aspects of Housekeeping and organisation skills required for the maintenance and smooth running of the Guest Interior. There is a thorough review of Housekeeping basics, followed by more advanced theory on the care and maintenance of surfaces and fabrics. Focus is also given to anticipating guest needs, time management and the importance of attention to detail in the Housekeeping department.

Course content:

  • Detailing and preparation of the Guest Interior
  • Cabin day and evening turn down service
  • Anticipating guest needs
  • Cleaning, care and maintenance of surfaces
  • Cleaning, care and maintenance of fabrics
  • Maintaining cleaning equipment


Minimum requirements: Candidates must have some formal basic training and / or previous on-board training and experience-minimum of 1 season.


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