1-Day GUEST Advanced Floristry and Plant Maintenance

Course description:
Our floristry course will give you an understanding and practical experience of the fundamentals of floristry and plant care, including the elements and principles of floral design, storing, conditioning and handling of flowers, how to source and order flowers as well as the ability to create stunning displays using the principles of colour schemes, placements and dimensions. In addition, the course will give you a great understanding of using different types of plants in arrangements and how to care for popular plants.

Course content:
Understand how to recognise and implement the Elements and Principals of floral design:

  • Identify the elements of floral design
  • Identify the principles of floral design
  • Identify the use of colour and colour relationships
  • Understand the effects of the colour in arrangements

Understand how to store and handle fresh flowers and pot plants

  • Storage onboard
  • Techniques and methods for cutting and Binding
  • Understand how to correctly care for stems
  • Ability to present the flowers or pot plants effectively
  • Maintenance

Understand how to place an order for flowers

  • Be familiar with the colour schemes, placements, dimensions and number of displays
    required for your yacht.
  • Assessing quality and condition
  • Know what the yacht’s flower budget is

Understand how to prepare a vase and foam arrangement including:

  • Conditions
  • Cutting at angles
  • Removal of leaves below the water line
  • Wiring
  • Practical experience in producing arrangements

Demonstrate knowledge, Care and Maintenance of plants

  • Major ‘indoor-plant’ Including Bonsai and Orchids

Research and understand the principles of using foam including:

  • Not being unable to re-soak after it has dried out
  • Not to put new stems in an existing hole
  • How to soak foam


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Upcoming dates

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