3-day GUEST Advanced Service Course

Advanced Service Module

Course Description:

The Advanced Service Module provides a thorough overview, on both a theoretical and practical level, of different service styles such as Butler and Silver Service, as well as the knowledge and ability to run service smoothly and efficiently – key skills required within any Interior team. Other important aspects of service include table setting, mise en place, caviar service and understanding luxury accompaniments and menu items. Additional service skills such as carving, filleting and flambé are practised. Focus is placed on practical ability and on mastering the finer details. Delegates are also shown how to provide, organise and manage event services both onboard and ashore.

Combine with 1-Day GUEST Spirits & Mixology Moduleand  1-Day GUEST Advanced Table Decorations


Course Content

  • Plated (American) Service
  • Silver (English) Service
  • Butler (French) Service
  • Family Service
  • Russian Service
  • Synchronised Service
  • Carving, Filleting and Flambéing
  • Caviar, Canapé and Afternoon Tea Service
  • BBQ and Buffet Service
  • Mise en place
  • Understanding luxury accompaniments
  • French terminology and menu items
  • Table setting and Decoration
  • Event organisation
  • Shore side destination services for guests

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