1-Day GUEST Spirits & Mixology Module

This course focuses on core spirits as well as the practical element of learning to make cocktails, including which tools to use, understanding recipes, the importance of a balanced drink and creating new combinations.

Some formal basic training and/ or previous onboard training (minimum 1 season) is required for participation on this course.


What are the Core Spirits?
Bartending Tools & Equipment
Balance in Cocktail Making
Classic Cocktails
Cocktail Variations
Creating New Combinations

Course description:

  • History of alcohol
  • In-depth spirit knowledge: Vodka/Gin/Rum/Tequila & Whisky
  • Demonstrating the fundamental elements of a great drink (character, presentation, flavour, aroma, fast, texture and balance)
  • How to read a cocktail recipe
  • Understanding balance
  • Multiple orders
  • Speed and efficiency
  • 2 Martinis (classic and contemporary)
  • 2 shot drinks (classic and contemporary)
  • 2 long drinks (classic and contemporary)
  • 2 non-alcoholic drinks


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