1-Day GUEST Advanced Table Decorations

The aim of this fun and interactive one-day program is to focus on inspiring creativity and perfecting the finer details of table decorating to create the ‘WOW Factor’ for guests.

We study the:

  • Basic concepts of symmetry and design
  • Principles of colour, creating colour pallets
  • Optimization of items customarily used as table decorations aboard, as well as exploring new and innovative ideas created by the use of more unusual decorating items. An exercise in ‘Thinking outside the box’
  • Use of flowers – fresh, dried and artificial
  • Use of seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Use of regional products
  • Creative use of foliage
  • Creative use of water (floating fruit, candles, flowers, coloration of water and submersion of flowers)
  • Creation of themed table designs for special celebrations
  • Use of different Napkin folds and napkin rings as well as chair decorations for themed evenings

On completion of this course, interior crew will have gained an important insight into how to use table decorations to enhance dining tables, helping to create the perfect experience for their guests.

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